First of all, we understand that our clients are not in the business of IT services. To them, IT is just a set of tools that enables them to be more efficient and productive in their real core business. But these complex, ever-evolving tools can also cost companies a lot of stress and lost time. Our core business is taking the headache of managing IT from our clients so they can focus on growing their own enterprise, whatever it may be.

At Bay IT Support solutions , we know that the IT needs of small and medium-sized companies are essentially much the same as those of bigger ones. At the same time, though, their IT budgets are nowhere near as large. We help our clients select and implement IT infrastructure that not only fits their budgets but is also secure, reliable, and flexible and enough to grow with them. We can do that end to end, becoming a client’s outsourced IT department, or we can fill gaps in a client’s on board systems or expertise as needed.

Companies trust us to manage their IT, and we work hard to earn that trust. We earn it, quite simply, by providing top-notch customer service — and we have the commendations to prove it. Our staff is reliable, professional, proactive, personally engaged, and directly accessible by the clients they serve. Our services are transparent, logged and reported in detail, with all contractual expectations and fulfillment's documented.

We also pride ourselves on ability to react quickly to client emergencies and fast-changing requirements. Whether it’s providing emergency assistance in mission-critical situations, or stepping in to support unforeseen additional project requirements, we work closely with clients until their changed IT needs are met—and keep right on working

Your daily operations depend on reliable IT, which means your complex challenges demand proper planning, strong implementation, knowledgeable support and consistent maintenance. When you need new technologies, you don’t have time to get stuck in the weeds of industry jargon- have an expert manage each of those needs, from start to finish.

Imagine partnering with a company that offers a solution allowing you to better plan, budget and maintain your IT Infrastructure without the hassle of managing it yourself or the expensive costs of hiring internal staff. Complete Care provides your people with proactive, accessible and comprehensive IT support by making Bay Computing your full-service IT department. Strategic technology planning, flexible support and monitoring, maintenance and recovery options are each tailored to meet the specific needs of your unique organization. East Bay IT Support solutions makes IT worry-free when it simplifies, streamlines and improves operations by providing you with the support you need, when you need it at a predictable monthly cost.