CRM platform to manage information, track leads, create action items, and enhance your sales process so you can have current data readily available, for more intelligent engagements with your customers. First, take a tour of the interface, starting with the dashboard, and then dive into specific functions. This course examines how to leverage Dynamics from both a sales and a customer service point of view. Whether you are new to CRM tools, migrating from another tool, or are upgrading from a previous version, this course covers the fundamental features you'll need to get started.

  • Viewing personal and team dashboards

  • Creating and qualifying leads

  • Converting activities to opportunities

  • Working with customer service cases

  • Managing case queues

  • Researching solutions

  • Running and exporting reports


Salesforce is a hugely popular and powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform that gives marketers the tools they need to put their customers first. Salesforce provides a variety of tools for managing marketing workflows, including digital marketing and paid advertising.   Discover how to leverage this platform to communicate with your sales teams; tackle email marketing; connect with prospects and customers using social media; manage the lead life cycle within a Salesforce account; track vendor expenses; visualize marketing project success; and more.

  • Explain how to assign a lead to a sales rep.

  • Identify the location used to assign an event to a sales rep.

  • Summarize the process used to import a list of leads into Salesforce.

  • Recognize what is needed in order to receive the full benefits of Salesforce Chatter.

  • Determine when to employ lead scoring in Salesforce.

  • Recall what information is provided in a Sales Opportunity report.