Active Directory  Management and Implementation


  • Active director domain services(ad ds) creating and maintaining ad ds objects creating and managing organization  units (ous), creating and managing user objects,  creating and managing computer  accounts ,

  • Active  directory and group policy working with managed service account , maintaining the active directory (ad) database, creating and creating ad sites and site link ,global catalog servers and universal group caching ,replication ,sit link bridging, tools used to manage replication .

Windows Server Network Services 


  • Dynamic ip addressing through the dynamic host , configuration protocol (dhcp) ,installation dhcp, configuring scopes , managing the dhcp database, managing the dhcp server , providing dhcp ip addresses in a routed environment . dhcp failover , working with the domain name system (dns)and domain controllers in windows server 

  • Creating dns zones, maintaining, monitoring , and troubleshooting dns ,   

  • Advanced dns concepts dns socket  pools , domain name system security extensions (dnssec) , global names , cashed locking ,network policy server (nps) network access service policy. network access services(nap) nap troubleshooting, installation and configuration


Troubleshooting , Administration, ,imaging and Deploying (SCCM)


  • Networking ,Security ,imaging and Deploying  Windows (XP, vista ,7,8&10)

  • Installing , working with windows group policy . adding domain users and accounts to a windows pc

  • deploying windows with  toolkit 2013, microsoft deployment toolkit (MDT)(SCCM)the upgrade paths from windows 8/8.1 and older version

  • Administering bitlocker and efs , understanding the boot process , installing client hyper-v for windows virtualization , managing windows firewall

  • Backing up and restoring windows  , troubleshooting windows, configuring storage sense, creating storage spaces, configuring onedrive

  • Setting up ntfs permissions , implementing multifactor authentication, encrypting data , configuring disk quotas , configuring folder options auditing files , ,setting up file sharing

Microsoft Azure Active Directory ,

  • Creating an azure ad directory ,managing users and groups ,enabling active directory self-service ,implementing azure ad authentication ,running active directory reports


Administration for cloud – Based Office 365


  • Office 365, and enterprise-level mobile device management with Intune Creating office 365 user accounts, adding domains, configuring outlook and skype, configuring sharing and shared mailboxes, troubleshooting an office 365 deployment, configuring powershell, creating sharepoint service, MS Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook  


Administration Mac OS X  


  • Installing and configuring el capitan. protecting user data , performing a partial or full-system recover with time machine , installing applications , managing application preferences, monitoring the system , configuring security , networking . directory binding

  • Troubleshooting problems , understanding spotlight problems and how to fix them , collecting system information


Cloud Computing

  • Virtualizing computer desktops ,designing a private cloud ,choosing the best virtualization solution for you ,creating a virtual machine with hyper-v and vmware workstation ,configuring your network for virtualization ,backing up, restoring, and migrating virtual machines

data center virtualization : Virtualization vSphere , v-Center , Hyper-V Server 


Hands-on  years of experience Virtualization , ESXI and v-Center Deploy and Auto deploy (create that custom depot , deploy images with Auto Deploy ) Consolidate a Data Center , Configure and Manage Network configuration and administration Storage administer (ISCSI, VMFS, NFS, Software-driven solution such as VSAN and Virtual Volumes ,maintain V-Cloud Air  deploy v-Apps configure and administer Security ,  Networking , Configure and Manage VDS Manage Resources, network Troubleshoot a Deployment ,  Back up and recover configure High Availability Features ,Configure Advanced DRS Features ,Upgrade a Deployment Virtualizing computer desktops ,designing a private cloud ,choosing the best.